Marketing a Forensic Psychology Practice

Let’s say you’re considering supplementing your income from therapy or teaching by offering your services as a forensic psychologist part-time. Or perhaps you have already tried it part time, or are at a point in your life where you have decided to “go all in” with a full-time forensic practice. In all likelihood, one of your first questions will be: How can I attract business? Or more specifically, how do I market my forensic practice and persuade potential clients – primarily lawyers — to take a chance with me?

The key phrase is “take a chance with me.” I say this because you are indeed asking potential clients to take a chance –- at least until you develop a reputation as a capable forensic expert. Why should an attorney take the risk?

And it is a risk. Remember: the lawyer who needs a forensic psychologist has much riding on his or her choice. If the lawyer retains a forensic psychologist who does not help the case, but instead hurts it, the lawyer’s client will be unhappy, perhaps very unhappy, and the lawyer’s reputation in the community may suffer. Other members of the lawyer’s firm may begin to have doubts about his or her judgment – all because the lawyer chose the wrong psychologist as his or her forensic expert.

So, how do you persuade a lawyer who has never before retained you to give you a call? What can you do to show your potential clientele that retaining you is not the same as taking a chance and simply hoping for the best?

I know how to establish a successful and high-quality forensic practice. I know how to attract clients. Moreover, I am happy to share what I know with you. I have produced a DVD program to help psychologists establish a successful forensic practice that you can purchase on this website.

But just like the lawyer who is trying to find the best expert for a case, you might be asking yourself, “Why should I believe her? Why should I take her word for it when she says she knows how to market a forensic practice? Why should I risk my money on her DVD program?”

Here’s why. As you can see from reading my biography (which can be found by clicking on the Bio link), I have been a forensic psychologist for over 30 years and am well regarded by the people with whom I have had contact. A Justice of the Washington Supreme Court (now retired) who reviewed my DVD program described me as having an “outstanding reputation in the field.” (You can read Justice Ireland’s review along with several others by clicking on the Reviews link.)

I think you would agree that it would be difficult to acquire 30 years of experience and earn a good reputation if I did not know how to market my practice and attract clients. Moreover, there is no risk in purchasing my DVD program. If you are not completely satisfied with the program, you can return it within 30 days for a full refund.

Let me assure you that simply advertising yourself as a forensic expert does not work very well as a marketing strategy, regardless of how elaborate your advertising may be. The potential client will have questions about you that no amount of advertising can answer. Questions like:

o What do you know about the court rules that apply to your testimony?

o Do you know how to write a persuasive, usable report?

o Do you know the pitfalls that could lead a judge to decide to disallow your opinions?

o Do you know the purpose(s) of a deposition?

o Do you know how to prepare for a deposition, and how to conduct yourself when being deposed? Or when testifying at trial?

o Do you know how to support your opinions so that they will be persuasive?

In other words, do you have the knowledge necessary to be an effective forensic expert? If you are to have even the slightest chance of persuading an attorney that you are knowledgeable, you must in fact be knowledgeable. Bluffing is not an option.

Where and how do your acquire the knowledge that a competent attorney will expect you to have? The quickest and least expensive way – at least for psychologists practicing in the civil arena — is to purchase my DVD program. The program is described at length on this website, and there are excerpts for you to view. Follow the links.

As I have already said, I guarantee you will be satisfied with the program. If you’re not, return it within 30 days, and I will refund your money. I will even pay your postage.

Now, you might say: “But after I acquire the necessary knowledge, what then? How do I show potential clients that I know what I am doing?” This is a critical question. You can have the all the knowledge and skills needed, yet still find it difficult to attract clients. How do you show attorneys that you are exactly the person they need to retain?

My DVD program covers this topic in a concrete, step-by-step manner. I believe my method will not fail you, provided of course that you prepare yourself carefully for what you must do. My approach worked for me, and I believe it will work for you.

One last word: If you are just getting started, and can’t afford the price of my DVD, please contact me and explain your circumstances. If what you tell me is compelling, I will give you a discount.

 Shirley Feldman-Summers, Ph.D.                                 

October 3, 2012


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